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Currently a 20 foot container full of medical
equipment, books and clothes is en route to Sierra Leone, West Africa. The
contents of the container will be used in the continued service provided by the
Women in National Development (WIND) and the ISHAN Foundation clinic both of
which continue to provide needed basic health services to men, women and
children in Sierra Leone. These services include but are sure not limited to
physical examinations, management of acute injuries, perinatal care, well-child
visits, OB/GYN services, etc. The books, clothes and shoes will be delivered to
Sierra Care Foundation offices in Makeni, Sierra Leone to support over 160
children all under the age of 14 who have been displaced or orphaned by the
Ebola epidemic. This effort will be closely monitored by the Paramount Chief
Bai Sherbra Kasangha 11 who has been leading this effort to care for the
unfortunate children in his constituency and has pledged unrelenting support of
all efforts in this regard. Our collective efforts here in the US, albeit
minimal in scope, pays great dividends in the lives of countless men, women and
children in Sierra Leone.

I just want to use this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and continued
support of Sierra Care Incorporated in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA. It is truly
an honor to share with you what great accomplishments we can realize with very
little collective efforts. On behalf of Sierra Care, Women in National
Development and ISHAN Foundation, thank you very much for your support. We hope
to continue to maintain steadfast in our assistance to those on the other side
in the fight to improve daily existence.

Ernest Kamara, M.D.