Sierra Care Collects Care Packages to Fight Against Ebola

We are collecting one million Care Packages for our friends in Sierra Leone, West Africa to help with the fight against Ebola.

Care Package may include disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, chlorine sanitizer, hand soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, hand towels, Advil, Aleve, or Tylenol, and Multi-Vitamins.

Financial donations will be very much appreciated to assist with the shipment.

These items can be placed in a ziploc bag, plastic or any bag. Help us meet our goal of shipping one million of these Care Packages to Sierra Leone.

Ship Care Packages to Sierra Care Inc.
1129 Weston Drive
Garland, TX 75043
Phone: 2145294712

Friends, your generosity has made Sierra Care Inc reached out to so many people in desperate situations around the world in the past ten years. Ebola is a killer virus ravaging the lives of our brothers, sisters, and children in West Africa. I pray you will stand with us again in this very difficult time in Sierra Leone and her neighbors-Guinea and Liberia.
As Christians, we find joy in helping others especially in such challenging times. Our Savior reminds us  ” To help each other in troubles and problems. This is the kind of law Christ ask us to obey. Galatians 6:2