The Joy of Generousity

Donated Items                                                     Sierra Leone War-Wounded and Amputees

 Americans are very concern for the well-being of others, this idea goes back to the early  seventeenth century, when no one individual could over-come the harshness of the new land. Philanthropy and service have been demonstrated by Americans of all ages and colors and felt by the entire world and is even more prevalent today in the 21st century.

Sierra Care–a  501 ( C ) 3, Tax Exempt, Not-for-Profit organization was born from the above concept. As a tax exempt organization, we depend on public donations to support amputees in war-torn countries especially developing nations.

Your contribution to Sierra Care has become more easier than ever, simply scroll down; you will be able to give your financial support through PayPal–it is safe and secure, or if you choose to write a check—make it to Sierra Care Inc. Having said that, we have received items such as new and used clothing, shoes, text books, reading materials and household items from many of you in various communites in the Dallas / Forth Worth Metroplex; the big challenge is to ship these items to the War-Wounded and Amputees in Sierra Leone. In addition, to the clothing received thus far, we also want to buy or ask you to donate bags of rice and over-the -counter medication such as Advil, Tylenol, cough syrups, first aid kits etc.

We are in a fund raising drive to raise $20,000 in the next four months to pay for the shipment, customs and port charges, buy air tickets for our staff to travel to Sierra Leone and distribute these items and as mentioned buy bags of rice and other foodstuff for these folks. Please get involve in making a difference in the lives of these amputees, not only that their hands and feets are hacked but they also live in abject poverty.