Vision & Values

Sierra Care is a non-profit with a dynamic vision:

We will share Christ-like love to each and every war-affected amputee around the world, mostly in developing countries.

We desire to give hope and human dignity to all amputees through loving fellowship in the family of God, providing both spiritual and physical  needs.

At Sierra Care, we want to build learning centers, equipped with the right tools, provide basic training  such as tailoring, hair dressing, barbing and small scale petty trading—-the notion is to empower these amputees and stopping them from begging in the streets. The results are beneficial to both the amputees, their communities and the world at large.

Our vision cannot be achieved with out being accountable and authentic to the general public and the amputees that we serve.

Reality—-at Sierra Care, we are working hard that the public will identify us as people of integrity, grace, legitimacy and righteous.

Accountability—- as a non-profit entity with a public charity status, we are required by state and federal laws to fully disclose all our financial activities. The above is important,  far more important is the healthy Godly relationship we are building with the amputee communities around the world.